Black Tie Dress Code: Dressing To The Occasion

When you hear the term black tie, what’s the first thing to spring to mind? A tuxedo? James Bond? Formal dinners? The first time you’re invited to a black-tie event, it can be a daunting moment trying to decide what to wear, so to help you, we have put together our in-depth guide to the most stylish of dress codes…

What does black tie mean?
Black tie has long been the standard for formal dress code, which means it is crucial that you get your outfit correct. It usually refers to events that begin after 6 pm and traditionally require the attendee to come dressed meeting the core black-tie criteria of:

  • A black dinner jacket and matching trousers
  • A formal waistcoat or cummerbund
  • Crisp white shirt
  • Black bow tie
  • Black socks
  • Formal black shoes.

In more recent years, however, men have been adapting their look and bringing in their sense of personal style. This has meant that traditional tuxedo materials, such as wool and satin, are being replaced with the liked of velvet. Equally, black is being replaced with blues and other colors.

Although black ties are a formal event, they are not the highest standard of formal events. A white tie is considered even more so and is usually only reserved for events with royal or senior standing members of society.

What to wear to a black-tie event
With changing trends, knowing precisely what to wear to a black-tie event might seem like a tough choice, so we have taken a look at the most common options:

The classic tuxedo
If you are ever in doubt, the classic black tuxedo is always a reliable choice. It should be the staple of any wardrobe, and to ensure that you look as dapper as possible, you should have it tailored to fit you correctly. To complement it, opt for black leather lace-up shoes.

The navy tuxedo
Since that famous scene in Casino Royale, the navy tuxedo has become a popular choice for black tie events. Considered as equally as formal as a black tuxedo, the navy version can often be seen being worn by some of the most stylish celebrities during awards season.

The white tuxedo
A white tuxedo is a bold statement, which means it’s not for everyone, but the combination can be an incredibly stylish option, particularly through the summer months.

The color tuxedo
Increasingly many of the world’s most stylish men are opting for a bold color tuxedo, with burgundy and green tuxedo jackets becoming a popular choice.

The ultimate black-tie accessories
Although your tuxedo choice is crucial, no black-tie look is complete without the right accessories and grooming. You should keep your hair away from your face, either swept back or to the side, and ensure you smell your best with the right formal scents.

Here at Arcis, we know that the perfect black tie look requires high-quality accessories, which is why we offer a full set to accompany your next black-tie event. Included in the collection is a luxurious 100% silk self-tie bow tie, adjustable suspenders in black or white, black and silver or black and gold cufflinks, and a silk white pocket square.

A black tie dress code might seem intimidating, but rising to the occasion and dressing right will ensure you’re looking your best. Dressing up in black tie is a special event, so you should treat it with the respect it deserves, focusing on everything from the fit of the tuxedo to wearing the right color cufflinks.

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