Fountain, Rollerball, or Ballpoint – Which Pen Should You Use?

In this modern world, typing away on a keyboard has become second nature to many of us. No matter whether it is our desktop computer or the screen of our smartphone, technology has transformed how we communicate. However, the art of handwriting is crucial and provides a number of benefits to everyday life.

The use of writing instruments to record information has been around millennia, with the first type of writing appearing back in 3200 BC. From there, tools to write with evolved into the pens that we know today.

Why use a pen?
Writing with a pen is something that is probably natural to you now, but the process of using writing instruments to record your thoughts and information can actually offer a number of significant benefits.

Writing with a pen requires clear focus, meaning you are less likely to be distracted from notifications on your computer such as emails or social media notifications.

Increased creativity
With a lack of distractions, not only does your concentration increase, but it also helps boost your creativity. Many famous writers, including film legend Quentin Tarantino, have stated that writing with a pen helps ensure their creative juices flow better.

Better retention
Research has shown that when you write with a pen, you are more likely to retain the information you are writing down.

Fountain, Rollerball or Ballpoint?
When it comes to writing instruments, choosing the right pen is very important. The three of the most common pens on the market are Fountain, Rollerball, and Fountain – but which is better? We take a closer look at the pros and cons of each tool…


Fountain Pens are a traditional and luxury style of pen, giving the user an eloquent and beautiful form of writing and are a popular choice for the perfectionist. These pens feature a nib for writing, which can be changed depending on the size and width of the line you desire. The ink is then supplied by an internal and replaceable ink cartridge.

Pros and Cons
Pro – Fountain Pens are completely refillable through the replacement cartridge, ensuring your pen will stay with you for years. It also lets you choose a range of different color inks.

Pro – You can quickly change the nib to suit whichever style of writing you are seeking.

Con – Fountain pens can take some time to get used to, and it can be a bit messy when you first start, but the results are definitely worth it!


A rollerball uses water-based ink and provides users with a fast and smooth delivery, making it great for those innovators who are looking for a writing instrument to keep up with their hectic lifestyle.

Pros and Cons
Pro – It offers a classic and stylish appearance, while being very low maintenance and easy to use.

Pro – Thanks to the rollerball and quick-drying ink, it saturates the paper faster and reduces the chances of smudging.

Con – As a rollerball uses water-based ink, it requires a thicker paper stock.


A ballpoint is one of the most used writing instruments in the world, and every day millions of writers use the reliable tools to quickly jot down notes and information. The highly efficient pens are perfect for daily use and provide a clean impression reducing the chances of smudging.

Pros and Cons
Pros – Ballpoint pens offer a very fast-drying ink, making them great for quick note taking.

Pros – Writing with a ballpoint pen leaves a smooth and even line, making your writing clean and neat.

Con – Ballpoint pens are not the best option for extended periods of time, as they are rarely ergonomically designed.

Here at Arcis, we know the elegance and beauty that writing with a high-quality and luxury pen provides. That is why we offer our customers a range of stunning Fountain Pens, Rollerballs, and Ballpoint pens – check out the full range here.

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