How to Start Journaling?

Have you been thinking about starting a journal? For many people, the idea of journaling is very appealing, but understanding how to start can be challenging.

For many people, it is often time constraints which prevent them from finding the time to write down their thoughts in the hustle and bustle of modern life, whilst for others, they are simply not sure where to begin. So how do you start journaling? We thought we would give you some top tips to get you started…

Why should you start journaling?
Before we look at the tips to help you start journaling, it is important to understand why you should. How your journal is different for each individual, some will like to write pages upon pages whereas others will just jot down several sentences.

Whichever it is, the principals behind the process are the same. Journaling helps you to write down your feelings and gives you better clarity of your emotions by letting you be truly honest with yourself. It also helps you to improve your mental health by allowing you to clear your headspace and write down all of those thoughts running through your mind.

They also provide you with a fantastic opportunity to set yourself targets. Having a clear goal to work towards gives your life focus, and the journal can help you track your performance and development.

So how do you start?
Although it can seem daunting to begin journaling, the best way to start journaling is just to jump right in and start recording your thoughts. By doing that, you will be able to find which methods work best for you quickly, but here are some top tips to help you get started:

  • Make it regular

To realise the true power of journaling, it is crucial that you make it become a habit. The more regularly that you do it, the more connected you will become with your journal and the better you can track your growth and progression. Finding the time to journal might seem tough, but learning the importance of time management can help transform your success.

  • Set yourself goals

Even from the beginning of your journaling adventure, you should set yourself some goals. By starting small, it will get you into the habit of journaling and goal setting, but it will also give you a sense of achievement when you reach these goals, helping you to continue journaling.

  • Don’t worry about grammar

One of the things that puts a lot of people off is that they are worried their written English or grammar is not good enough. Your journal is your own private collection of thoughts, and it can be as chaotic or as structured as you like.

  • Write in the morning

A great tip that many people stick by is to journal your thoughts in the morning when you first wake up. During this time, your mind is free from clutter and influences from the outside world and it is also a great way to help you write down any dreams that you might have had. Journaling your thoughts in the morning can also help to start your day off correctly and ensure you are in the best mindset for the day ahead.

  • Use a pen and paper

We live in a truly digital world, and although technology has been revolutionary in the way that we connect with loved ones around the world when it comes to journaling, you should stick with writing your thoughts down in pen and paper. By putting down your electronic devices, you will be able to give your mind a well-deserved break and open up your thoughts without distractions.

If you are thinking of starting a journal, then our luxury Arcis 12-Week Planner is the perfect accompaniment. It has been specifically designed to allow you to set short-term goals, ensuring that you can progress forward every three months by taking regular, achievable steps. The smart and professional-looking journal will ensure you can carry it with you wherever you go, letting you jot down important thoughts, notes, and moments of inspiration that occur throughout the day.

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