Tune Your Social Media Into A Business Tool

Rightly or wrongly clients, employers, recruiters and the competition are all looking at your social media pages and we’re not just talking LinkedIn. It is more important than ever to use social media to your advantage. But finding the right platform to showcase your voice or image is hard in 2020, so where we start?

Your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now even SnapChat and TikTok are extensions of you, however, for the more ambitious, you can use these platforms as a tool to craft your image.

Using socials to build a public voice
The Rock has completely changed the public’s perception over the last 10 years. He is now a voice of reason, and people follow his voice for guidance not just because he is the people champ (for those who remember his wrestling days!). He understands that his voice is powerful, but it has always been that way for him. But one thing Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is sure of is his own values/attributes, this is a huge part of why people look up to him. He understands the image he puts out to the world is seen by millions (and millions).

Develop a set of values/attributes you want to be known for, then go about creating posts that reflect these. Ie if one of those values is knowledge, share insightful articles.

Should my business be on social media?
Have you ever been in a restaurant, thrown the menu to one side and scrolled through Instagram to see what dish actually looks the best! We all do it. These platforms have completely changed the way we interact with society forever. Now the new norm is to be on social media, and like it or not it’s more unusual to not have a digital footprint. 

Used correctly these platforms can craft an amazing image of your business, and the power to really put eyes on something special. You may have what you think is the best message, but without the correct platform in this modern world, will anybody hear your message? Instagram is a beautiful visual tool, it can be the perfect platform to showcase your business, be you a restaurant, professional services firm, beauty salon and the list goes on. For example, being a local restaurant, how much would you pay to put a menu with a large gallery of all your menu items in the pocket of everybody within a 20km radius of your business? And then what if I told you it was free to do? It’s a no brainer isn’t it!

Using social media as a portfolio
Arguably all of the platforms can be used in some shape or form to leverage your brand, business, or public voice. It’s often hard to create a portfolio but whether you are a writer, a photographer, or even a real estate agent using social media can make it that little bit easier. You have the power to update your portfolio on the go, your channels become a consistent flow of your latest work. You’d be amazed how empowering it can be, and now more than often companies or employers will look to social media to get a feel for a new recruit, so don’t be afraid to even keep a personal portfolio of your hobbies, it’s a great judge of character. Ultimately don’t underestimate the power of a good social post. Is it too late to get started? In short no, but follow this advice be consistent, be genuine, and remember we all started somewhere.

Always be networking
Social Media isn’t always 100% digital, attend networking events to meet like-minded professionals in your space! If you would like to know more about ‘6 things you should do at every networking event’ check out our article here.

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