Why use a fountain pen?

No matter whether you are writing the latest entry to your journal, completing a letter of thanks to a friend, or simply creating a written piece of communication. A handwritten note is a meaningful method of communication and a welcome break from tapping away on your computer keyboard.

There is a huge array of writing instruments available to choose from, but few tools come close to writing with a fountain pen. Although it requires more skill to write with, it can produce truly stunning results.

History of the fountain pen
There is some history that suggests writing tools similar to fountain pens were used back in the 10th century, however, the modern pen that we use today was created in 1884 by Lewis Waterman. He was able to solve the airflow problems in previous designs by creating a capillary-like mechanism in the nib, ensuring the pen became more convenient.

As the 20th century began, various companies started introducing self-filling reservoirs and replaceable cartridges, making them even more accessible.

Are fountain pens good for everyday use?
Although some writing tools might seem like an easier option, a fountain pen is a fantastic tool for everyday use. Finding a pen you enjoy will make writing everything from quick notes to in-depth letters a joy.

Do Fountain Pens leak?
A common myth is that fountain pens will leak, however, this is not the case. The pens are designed to be completely secure, and if you notice a leak, then this is a sign of a problem. You might occasionally see some ink on the nib, which is known as ‘nib creep’ but this is a rare issue and is not something to worry about.

Can you refill a fountain pen with different ink brands?
As long as the cartridge is the same size, then you can use any brand ink. When replacing your ink cartridge though, you should thoroughly clean the pen first; otherwise, the two colors of ink will blend together.

If you are looking for a luxury fountain pen, then here at Arcis, we have two fantastic options with our polished black resin and rose gold influenced The Juan, or our polished sterling silver The Azore.

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