Why use a rollerball pen?

Since their creation by Japanese company Ohto in 1963, rollerball pens have become a popular choice of writing instrument worldwide. Rather than use the viscous ink commonly found in fountain pens, rollerball pens utilize a liquid ink, or a gel ink, which gives a smoother and cleaner writing experience.

Rollerballs use a similar delivery system as a fountain pen, with all of the ease and benefits of a traditional ballpoint pen. Each pen provides a thick and defined line when writing, with the tips usually featuring a ball between 0.5mm and 0.7mm.

Advantage of a Rollerball pen
Rollerball pens were specifically designed to provide the same ‘wet ink’ effect of a fountain pen, but with the convenience of a ballpoint. Thanks to the use of gel inks, it enables pen manufacturers to provide much brighter and more vivid colors, alongside unique colors such as metallic or glitter effect.

Although not available in as wide a range of colors, the liquid ink versions provide a more even and consistent solid line, ensuring they write much better than ballpoint pens.

Do rollerball pens smudge?
Thanks to the liquid ink or gel ink that rollerball pens use, it means that they are relatively quick-drying and unlikely to smudge. However, some of the more unique gel colors might take a little longer to dry.

Can you refill a rollerball pen?
As they use a similar ink delivery method as a fountain pen, most rollerball pens are able to be refilled and used for many years.

Can the weight affect the pen?
The weight of your rollerball pen is a personal choice, but many writers find that a more weighted pen can provide more comfort for extended writing periods.

If you are looking for a luxury, high-quality writing instrument, then here at Arcis, our Leeuwin rollerball pen offers a strong, powerful pen designed for the man who knows where he is going; allowing them to leave an authoritative mark.

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